Annittra Atler

Professional Overview

About Annittra Atler

Annittra Atler is the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Associate Superintendent of Special Education. She has years of experience with special education methodologies, linguistic skills, and a natural gift for empathy and collaboration. 

Annittra spent her summers at her mother’s dance studio as a child, observing her compassionate teaching style. This planted the seed for her future career in education. Annittra received her bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico, where she found herself drawn toward Elementary Education and Teaching. Her first job after graduating was as an elementary education specialist. She collaborated with teachers and administrators to create different teaching strategies, curricula, and assessment plans over the next 13 years. 

During this time, she returned to the University of New Mexico to earn her Master of Arts in Elementary Education and Teaching. Aspiring toward an administrative role, Annittra earned her instructional administration certification from New Mexico Highlands University. Annittra’s next position was as an elementary school principal, where she flourished for eight years. Annittra then took on the role of exceptional student district specialist. 

This new responsibility was a welcome challenge and a natural fit for Annittra Atler. She helped students gain independence, form meaningful relationships with their peers, develop communication skills, improve their public speaking abilities, find satisfying jobs, advocate for themselves, and feel respected by society. A perpetual student, Annittra is still in school as a Grand Canyon University EdD candidate. Her area of expertise is Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Special Education.

Annittra Atler has the rare opportunity of being a person of influence, in addition to her ability and enthusiasm for teaching. Annittra’s notoriety as the winner of Ms. Woman New Mexico United States enables her to raise public awareness about childhood hunger and seek community support. Albuquerque has breakfast and lunch supplemental programs, but some children spend their time at home hungry. Annittra’s backpack program is intended to provide children with the nutritious and easily prepared food they require when they return home on weekends. Grants and donations entirely fund this program. Annittra frequently fills backpacks personally with nutritionally balanced snacks for her pupils to take home. Annittra also advocated for a monthly visit from a mobile food pantry provided by Roadrunner Food Bank. The state now donates 2,500 pounds of frozen meat, dairy, produce, and snacks to the school each month.

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